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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Robocode version is a maintenance release, and fixes bugs for RoboRumble, the source code editor, and also provides some UI changes for changing battle rules.


  • Bug-357: Tab characters are inserted in the last line of a robot source file when opening it.
    • This bug was only partially fixed with version
  • Bug-358: Robot in default package cannot write to files. Should at least get a warning.
  • Bug-361: Problem in the text editor related with the .java file modification.
  • Bug-362: Rumble client does not remove participants in wrong codesize group.
    • Thanks goes to Julian Kent ("Skilgannon") for providing a solution for this. :-)


  • Improved the UI regarding Battle Rules:
    • All Battle Rules have been assembled into one single Rules tab.
    • Number of Round has been moved from the New Battle dialog to the Rules tab.
    • Improved the visualization of the battle field size.
    • Added input validation to text fields.
  • Req-64: Change default battle settings like e.g. "Number of Rounds".
    • When the battle rules are changed in the user interface, Robocode will remember these as the user's default settings.
    • A new Restore Defaults button has been added to get the game default settings back.
  • Source code editor is now always maximized when opening and robot file or creating a new one.
Download Robocode from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here Download Robocode Javadoc from here

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